Showing that Caxton Cares for the community they service, the Northern KZN Courier team spent the morning in Glencoe on Mandela Day to honour the legacy proliferated by Presidnet Mandela.

It was a buoyant group of Caxtonites who this year decided to go to Glencoe where the morning was spent braaing and handing out wors rolls and homemade soup to the needy in the town – of which, sadly, there are many following the closure of the railway junction – once the second biggest in South Africa – and many other industries related to the declining mining industry.

The Courier was backed up by our Courier community service volunteer, the effervescent Assie van Aswegen and his son, Gideon, who travelled from Gauteng to assist with the braaing of the tasty game-meat wors rolls. Assie also sponsored the wors and the soup.

With the music entertaining the passers-by and with a mobile clinic manned by the Health Department to test community members’ blood pressure and sugar levels, it was a jolly morning spent passing on a bit of much-needed nutrition and bringing a little hap to the hapless.

“We saw that there is indeed a desperate need to spread a bit of care in Glencoe which has borne the brunt of the economic decline of the area. You only realise the desperate conditions many of all races are forced to live under once you are out there on the streets with them,” said Courier editor, Terry Worley.

The ladies from the Christelike Maatskaplike Diens (CMD) made sure that the most deserving families were fed first and the it was a day in which we realised how lucky we are to have what we have.

A big thank you goes out to Charlies SuperSpar, as well as Glencoe Spar and Glencoe Tops, for their assistance in spreading smiles on the day.