When given the opportunity to bask in the greatness of Madiba, Joburg North always stands up.

This year, Randburg Sun, together with the rest of the Caxton Greater Joburg North team decided to spend our Mandela Day at Golden Harvest Park. A number of activities were planned for the day including a park clean-up. We also cooked lunch for the service people in our community and collected second-hand goods for the needy.

“Our Mandela Day initiative was fantastic from the perspective of the number of people from our offices who stepped out to help. We saw no reluctance, everybody arrived on time, ready to get down and dirty with what was expected of them,” said editor of Randburg Sun, Aimee McGill.

Together with community members, who came out in full-force, we collected a truck load of rubbish from only a small section of the park. “We realised quickly how great the need is. This is one of our biggest parks, and is certainly a hotspot for residents to congregate at over weekends. It is important for us as a newspaper to help out where we can to make our community a more liveable place.”

If Nelson Mandela taught us anything, it is the importance of working together towards the greater good. Caxton Greater Joburg North was proud to be a part of this massive project on Mandela Day and we look forward to continuing to support such endeavours.