THE Highway Mail branch co-ordinated and hosted a fund-raiser for a local NGO, the Robin Hood Foundation and raised the princely sum of R105 000 for the upgrade of Siyanda Crèche in Ntshongweni.

“Our crèche build will see us creating a state of the art crèche, filled with furniture, equipment and facilities to give the children an excellent educational foundation and it is our intention to create a centre of excellence in this needy community that will make a positive difference for many years to come,” said chairlady of the Robin Hood Foundation, Cindy Norcott.

Friday, 30 June was a day of celebration at Siyanda Crèche in Ntshongweni where the sod was turned for the building of a 64 square-metre double classroom – being built by Elangeni Buildings.
The existing building needed refurbishment and a dilapidated wooden structure was demolished and is being replaced with ‘built classrooms’.

Essential toilet facilities were needed as well as a kitchen for the hygienic preparation for food.
“But this is just the beginning,” said Norcott.

“We will follow up with equipment and furniture including mattresses, educational toys and teaching aids to give the children an excellent foundation phase education that will make a positive difference for many years to come, so that anyone would be proud to send their child to this school.

“The Robin Hood Foundation would like to thank the Highway Mail branch for being our media partner and sponsor of our recent Mamba Republic evening. We had a full house with 400 supporters and friends in attendance, “Norcott said. To celebrate Arbor Day, the Robin Hood Foundation (RHF) and Highway Mail volunteers visited Siyanda Crèche in Ntshongweni on Thursday to plant trees with the children to encourage them to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees, plants and vegetables.

Dream come true
Owner of the crèche, Queen Khuzwayo, has been blown away by the interest and help for her little school. She, who had a dream of making a difference to at least one child, started the crèche in 2007.

“There were so many children who had no-one to look after during the day. When I first opened, I was only looking after five children.

“In my second year, I had 18 children under my care and that is when I had to contact social workers to help me run the crèche.”

“One of the regulations to open a crèche was to have a proper building next to the roads and a school. My brother offered me a RDP house which met some of the requirements but it was just a one-room house and I had to build a shack which we used as an office and a kitchen,” said Khuzwayo.

She said her dream was to have a bigger space with proper and safe facilities with learning equipment. “But what Robin Hood and partners has done for me and the children is beyond words.”


The old wooden structure has been demolished and the ground is being readied for the construction of a double classroom. Back, chairlady and founder of the Robin Hood Foundation, Cindy Norcott: branch manager Caxton Durban, Gillian Barr and Lotus FM radio personality and DJ, Lloyd Paul, front, Steelbank sales manager, Lorraine Muller and Christian Social Services’ Eldah Mbatha. PHOTO: Michelle Dennis


Like a modern day Pied Piper (minus the flute) Highway Mail sales manager, Sarah Braithwaite leads the children to see the demolition of the old building. PHOTO: Michelle Dennis

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Highway Mail sales manager, Sarah Braithwaite, Robin Hood Foundation coordinator, Kim Griffins-Jones and branch manager, Caxton Durban, Gillian Barr prepare to plant trees and vegies at Siyanda Crèche. PHOTO: Sane Tsinde