Corporate Consciousness

Caxton publications adopt a philosophy of being immersed in the
communities in which its newspapers operate and publish.

Likewise, the company accepts its responsibility towards the business environment and engages in various efforts to improve society in some way or another. These include becoming involved in fundraisers, taking hands with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to strengthen their efforts and to initiate projects that would positively impact on the socio-economic challenges of the communities where it publishes.

By doing so Caxton nurtures a corporate conscience and responsible business throughout its various operations in the country. To cultivate and motivate this principle the company encourages its teams to make a difference in their communities’ lives, and rewards efforts of outstanding value at its annual Caxton Awards ceremony.

These corporate social responsibility efforts very often involve local businesses, and by doing so creates an environment where a community nurtures its own by sharing a common goal.

Caxton Local Media uses all its media platforms to create awareness of the various projects and initiatives it is involved in. Inhouse the same principle applies and the company encourages staff to work in an environment which is conducive to creativity and growth. Staff like to refer to themselves as the Caxton family and management encourages a more informal working operation at its branches.