In August 2000, The Post newspaper announced that in future they would be collecting money through our own Children’s Fund for indigent children in our readership area.

The Post commenced by paying part of its newspaper sales into the Children’s Fund account and accordingly be ensured of almost R600 being deposited into the account each month.

Several businesses in our circulation area reacted immediately by offering a part of their weekly newspaper sales to the Children’s Fund.

A paper recycling depot in aid of the Children’s Fund on our premises at Bela-Bela where readers can donate refuse paper was another initiative we undertook.

In 2017 the Children’s Fund celebrated its 17th birthday. Over these years we have donated between R50 000 and R100 000 annually to needy children and children’s organisations in our readership area.

The newspaper also assisted where there was a desperate need in the community that tugged at our heart-strings from time to time. In 2016 and 2017, we have for instance sponsored bus fares to needy learners to and from a big local athletics event. In 2017 we donated building material for projects at two preschools in the Bela-Bela Township, as well as food parcels and stationary for several preschools in our area. The Post also intervened at a local Home for Disabled Children to pay their electricity account and settled the grocery account of a local Childrens’ Home.

This year the Children’s Fund helped the Siza Ngo Thando Pre-school in the Bela-Bela Township to relocate to a new premises after the department informed the principal that the premise was no longer safe. The school has about 50 learners and Siza Ngo Thando means a good heart.

The Fund helped to move the poles, fence, shading and the corrugated iron building — material we previously donated.

Before construction could start the new premise had to be made level, which we also sponsored. The employees and parents of the school worked extremely hard to rebuild the school in time for the third term.


The Post’s Children Fund helped the Siza Ngo Thando Pre-school in the Bela-Bela Township to relocate. Here is the proud principal Elsie Hlungwani at the newly relocated school.