What do we do?

Caxton Local Media is a multi-media company and publishes content through various means, including newspapers, magazines, websites, events, custom printing and many more.

Our local newspaper offering includes the publishing of more than 140 local newspapers with an audited distribution exceeding 3,7 million copies per week.

Each paper has offices and a dedicated management team and local staff resources within the footprint where we publish, to ensure that our publication content is relevant and supportive to our local communities.


Our online platforms offer a variety of advertising verticals for specific markets such as motoring, property, vacancies and classifieds.

Apart from local newspapers the company offers printing solutions at its 10 strategic cold-set factories. Here the local newspapers as well as various supplements and retail pamphlets are printed and either inserted or distributed to outlets.

Our 12 Get it magazines offer hyper local lifestyle content and advertising opportunities to niche markets.

These free community magazines have become popular reflections of the communities where it is distributed and focuses on people, lifestyle and shopping.

Get it distributes more than 230 000 copies nationwide and each magazine also has its own online platform.

Caxton has invested generously in the development of digital media in the last few years but remain optimistic about the future of newspapers especially in the local media space. It continues to invest in newspapers and has acquired a number of titles in the last year.